A simple but powerful practice to transform your life in just 5 minutes a day

Have you ever felt overwhelmed, stressed and as if you are living your life on autopilot? When we are disconnected from our true selves, we are in a default operating system that automatically and unconsciously reacts to events, causing stress and anxiety. In that state, it’s difficult to be present in relationships and, due to a limited perspective we realise only a fraction of our potential.

This Zone of Connection teaches a quick but powerful practice, which goes beyond mindfulness and is underpinned by the latest, fascinating thinking in psychology, neuroscience and quantum energy work. This book demonstrates how to shift out of your default operating system to one of full connection and, by doing so, to live out your full potential. The authors provide a new, simple approach that is easy to apply, and through this practice anyone can be fully present, in their true power and feel their very best.


”The Zone of Connection offers a masterful practice that guides us to access our true power, unlimited creativity and relationships that bring us joy. This book will give you the practical steps that you can take to make the evolutionary leap and gain access to the next stage of living consciously. “
Hal Elrod, international bestselling author of The Miracle Morning

”This book offers practical guidance for positive change and access to the happiness, creativity and resilience that lie within each of us. Sue and Penny have crafted a wonderful process of small, doable steps that help you build your capacity to live into your best self and contribute your gifts to the world.“
Wendy Palmer, author of Leadership Embodiment and The Intuitive Body

”This is a very unusual and excellent book for personal growth. The Zone of Connection explains in layman‘s language the science of why we are the way we are, and how we have a continual battle between our default, tribal, stone-age behaviour and the fully conscious behaviour of our truer selves. The book provides a thorough guide on how to use specific exercises to bring the mind to full consciousness and in the moment, beyond mindfulness into an energy paradigm. Having experienced this process personally, I can thoroughly recommend this practice to everyone as part of their personal development and journey to fulfilment.“
John Knights, Chairman, LeaderShape Global and lead author of Leading Beyond The Ego: How to Become a Transpersonal Leader

Penny Mallinson

Penny Mallinson, Author of The Zone of Connection

Penny has been at the forefront of personal growth and experiential energy work for over 20 years, a skillful facilitator and visionary coach working with individuals and groups.
A love of learning took her from the academic world of an MBA to study self-development in countless forms. Her successful business career and living and working all over the world gives her, a broad refreshing approach.

A true adventurer of the mind, body and spirit she is passionate about supporting people to shine in their lives. A mother of two incredible girls, living between Notting Hill and Dorset, with her beloved husband and dog.

Sue Coyne

Sue Coyne, Author of Zone of Connection

Sue Coyne is a successful transformational leadership and team coach, and the author of the bestselling Stop Doing, Start Leading. She has also contributed to Enabling Genius by Myles Downey, Leadership Team Coaching in Practice by Peter Hawkins, and Leading Beyond the Ego, How to Become a Transpersonal Leader by John Knights et al.

Meditation and energy work continue to be important elements of Sue’s own transformational journey and she is passionate about sharing the Connection Practice with others to support them on their journey to discover who they really are.

The Zone of Connection takes you beyond mindfulness to reach a fully connected state of human consciousness.

From this state you can:

Manage your personal energy and discover how your life can enter a new stage of ease and flow

Update your operating system for enhanced health and well being

Access true power with unlimited abundance and creativity and enable relationships that bring joy

Play your part in ushering in the next level of human potential - full connection living

So if you want to stay ahead of the game in this rapidly changing world and be the best version of yourself get your copy of The Zone of Connection now.



Book Event:

The Zone Of Connection Launch


Daunt Books Cheapside,
61 Cheapside,


6.30 – 8.30pm


23rd May 2019

Including a mini workshop, book signing and delicious food&drinks

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05/23/2019 18:30 PM
05/23/2019 20:30 PM
Zone Of Connection Event
Including a mini workshop, book signing and delicious food & drinks!
Daunt Books Cheapside, 61 Cheapside London EC2V 6AX

What we offer

We, Sue and Penny, bring a diverse set of skills and using our combined wealth of experience we work together professionally delivering programmes and tailor-made sessions for groups and individuals.

Since 2008, our work has taken on a life of it’s own. We’ve shared our transformational approach with many hundreds of people from every walk of life, individually, in workshops, at retreats, conferences, in master classes, and in train-the trainer and coaching programmes.
People who work with us take away many different experiences, which contribute, to their success, impact and being at their best. These include feeling an enhanced sense of well-being and confidence; finding direction and purpose; connecting with their vision and passion; being fully present, in the zone and in flow. They experience their true power and fullest potential, while feeling calm yet energised thus reducing stress and anxiety levels. Often what our clients get from working with us is life changing and leads to a more fulfilling life.

We run open group events and also collaborate with other people’s events. We always publicise these on our social media (you can use the buttons on this site to make sure you are following us) or on the events page on here. Or if you would like something more individual and personal we would love to work with you in a one to one session either face to face or on Skype.
If you would like to be put on our mailing list for future events or enquire about working with us one to one just fill in the contact form below.

What our clients say

I feel so much more alive, energised and back to my full power. My limiting beliefs have gone.

My objectives were 100% met, OMG moments for me and my clients are now possible – the belief and skill are there. Brilliant! Really powerful.

Very relaxing, yet energizing. I felt expanded and internally spacious as if I’d had an internal de-cluttering treatment. Freeing and liberating!

You enabled me to have a light-bulb moment. Best session of whole conference, challenging and stimulating.

Well structured, simply explained, pragmatic application. A great session by two superb women who are passionate and congruent with their work. Took a complex subject and turned it into something that could be quickly understood and applied. Well done!

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